Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oprah Moments

Oh my goodness! I havent blogged in forever! So, i'm stealing Lindsay's great idea of her favorite things.... totally Oprah and totally a fun way to get people trying new fun stuff.  Lets start with
 great items for less, way less! (and lets not sacrifice quality!) Go to target! This black bag is $20! and the SOoO cute Flower Tote is only $12.99! Seriously!

Second, MAC eyeshadow is amazing.... and too expensive! Loreal(yeah, i know...totally old school)  but trust me... loreal came out with a line called HIP (high intensity pigments) and its fabulous... all the pigment of MAC with out all the cost! Cream eyeliners are $10.99 and eyeshadow's are even less... (thats HALF the price of MAC!)

For those of you who dont know about cream eyeliner.... its time you get on the freakin' band wagon!  At first I thought it was too good to be true... and guess what?!!? It's totally true and seriously works miracles... Doesnt smudge...(unless you really really force it) with the stiff angled brush you get a very precise line....and it lasts forever! Try it just mid lid to outer corner to make your eyes look bigger and give them a little almond look. Please ladies, DONT go crazy and pull an Amy Winehouse!  If you want a smokey look, great line your eyes and then smudge them out with a little shadow in the color of your choosing... my fav is the charcole.  

Ok! Since I have to work in a few minutes, i will leave you with my last fav and cheap thing!  Sally Girl Lip Gloss! Only $.99! (ok the catch is its teeeeny) but its great! They come in every color imaginable and they're not too sticky.  I even got my mom addicted... (she's used to lipstick...and we thought loreal was old school)  so run in and grab some lip gloss ladies!


The Taylors said...

Caroline. I found you through Lindsay's blog. Hey I'm totally adding you to my link list. haha so I can spy on you

The Taylors said...

I'm totally going to try that eye shadow.....I've been wanting some new Mac shades....but it is way expensive. I'll have to check these things out.
and don't we all LOVE Target! it's the best....I always find treasures there.
I haven't been up to much...the same old....just school.
What have you been up to?

Lindsay said...

Love your favorite things!! I have heard great things about that Loreal stuff. I am gonna have to go get some! What great finds!!!!

The Tiemans said...

I am so excited about this eye shadow thing. I'll admit, I'm a Sephora-aholic, but I have to try those. Every month, you should add new and less expensive "finds". Greg will love you for this :)