Saturday, October 11, 2008

Childhood Connections

I think this is the story of the year! ...So my addiction to facebook does have an upside. I was looking through the Timpview Alumni and came upon a name... Scott Morrison. He was in the edgemont 4th ward with his family a long long time ago. I added him, mostly because i remembered him but didnt know why. I saw his picture and my spirits were just i was in search of this long lost memory. I left him a sarcastic comment and a little reminder of where i came from... and he responded with extreme amazement. I was a little shocked he even remembered me seeing as it had been over 15 years since he'd been in the ward. I read on and it turns out he was my primary CTR-B teacher! can you believe it!?!

Images came flooding back and i was delightfully swimming in this lake of memories. I remember his class so well. He was young and vibrant teaching a bunch of 8 year olds... but he loved us so much! bless his heart, he took a load of us to trafalga and survived! i think that says it all right there! haha. of course, i was a very charming and well behaved child!! so maybe trafalga wasnt so difficult! haha

I've lost touch with the innocence that i was at the ripe ol' age of 8, and it seems my journey has been to reclaim it. I never thought that it could be a battle won... now i know it comes back to us in a different form, purity. innocence holds a naive boundry that breaks with sin, however, its sister; purity is key to attaining the childlike truth we know as innocence.

I believe its moments like this, incredible and random that help us remember what is so pure about life, and the experiences we have. Everything we do, everything we've done shapes our personalities and our ultimate cognitive experience... i cant mellow the cheesy grin that comes on my face when i get a message from my dear friend now. How can you not smile when you know your search for something is finally tangible? plus, its always good to find out our childhoods weren't always as bad as society can paint them to be. haha

so--- to all you grumpy people who hate reunions....GET OVER IT. there is so much to gain.

love you all...


Lindsay said...

Great post!!!! Really I enjoyed reading it! Nothing much is new here. I am currently not in school right now but will be going back to uvu in the spring, to finally finish! I have been going for almost 5 years and am so ready to be done. but for now I am just waiting the arrival of my little boy in 10 days!!!!! Can't wait!

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

I am havin a baby boy! We are naming him Owen Paul Clyde. Who is that beautiful baby boy on your blog?? He is too cute!