Friday, October 17, 2008

I Am From

I am from Kacey and Suzanne, Ed and Claudia, Bob and Beth
I am from a fighting family of nine
Deep sin, scarlet as the blood drizzling down the side of your mouth
I am from luscious readers and prolific cliche speakers
From knowledge and intelligence
Outrageous spenders
A moment's spontaneous pleasure
From the normal white minivan
Sultry hot schools
and Sky blue hopscotch.


Anna said...

ok tell me how you you got that picture !

ya ya ya ya
i want it .

Anna said...

ok how did you get that pic i want it .

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! It is fun to keep up with cousins. Would you do me a favor and take our last name off the link? We try to avoid using our last name on our blog for safety reasons. Thanks! I look forward to reading more!

Lindsay said...

I love your profile picture!!!!!!! Your hair is beautiful!

Sarah Jones said...

I hate you! Its not fair, your writing is brillent, you amaze me. The writtings of Jett made me cry! I miss you!