Monday, October 27, 2008

Digging Up the Time Capsule

I parked my car and locked the door as anxiety shot through my stomach. I approached the awaiting party realizing there was no need for my nerves to be acting up. Sitting on a brick bench of sorts outside of our childhood euphoria, were faces i owed so much of my own happiness. Ratish and i started on ski ball and everyone sooned joined. We learned about eachother all over again. Ending the night with a round of miniture golf and hugs. Nothing has changed. Education and engagements maybe, however, in everysense we're still the same 8 year olds we were 15 years ago.


Amy said...

How come Ryan didn't go? Does he think he's too cool for reunions?

Ratish Naroor said...

The pictures are placed correctly and clearly explains why "pictures speak louder than words" .I too enjoyed a lot in the reunion .

Anonymous said...

Caroline Wessel! I miss your face! What are you up to now? Big hearts! Erin Kimball Allred.